• Delivering on our promises for over 35 years.
  • INTEGRITY in everything we do,
  • PRIDE in our work,
  • and quality PERFORMANCE for our customers.


Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. (ISA) is a well-established, veteran and minority-owned, systems engineering and information technology services company with a thirty-five year track record of providing disciplined, innovative, and responsive technology services to business and government agencies worldwide.

ISA Service Areas

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IT Services

Innovative and responsive technology services for commercial and government organizations.
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Staffing Solutions

Strategic staffing solutions and IT staff augmentation tailored to individual customer requirements
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Systems Engineering

Helping to design and manage the most complex systems

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Explosives Safety

Identifing and quantifing explosives hazards to minimize risks while maximizing operational capability.


Our Mission

In a sometimes volatile industry, ISA has a 35-year history of consistent leadership, financial stability, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to continuous improvement which enhances our reputation and generates a loyal core of customers, allowing ISA to prosper and grow. ISA continually pursues the philosophy of its founders: Integrity, Pride, and Performance.