Current Explosives Safety Class List

ISA-ESS-1 - Explosives Safety Siting Application (ESS) Training

This course provides a basic/intermediate instruction for using the Explosives Safety Siting Application (ESS), Automated Site Planner software. Students will learn how to use the ESS software to determine explosives limits and Quantity Distance (QD) separation distances for potential explosion sites (PES) and/or exposed sites (ES). In addition, this course provides instruction for the development of Explosives Safety Site Plan (ESSP) Submittal Forms and Maps that are used as the basis of ESSP packages that are channeled through an approval process to the Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB).

Training will be three days in length (24 hours total) Cost per student will vary with class size and location. For classes located at our site:

  • $1,300.00 per student for a class of 1 - 4 students
  • $1,100.00 per student for a class of 5 - 9 students
  • $ 950.00 per student for a class size of 10 or more students

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